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We are always looking for enthusiastic and creative women to help build our program and support our synagogue. The Sisterhood of Bnai Sephardim is very fortunate to have women with the vision and knowledge to lead and sustain our institution. 

We are very proud of the vital role we play in the everyday life of Bnai Sephardim. Membership dues are $36.00 annually ($26 Seniors) and are used to support all of the work that we do throughout the year.

Please join us – we welcome you!

Mishloach Manot - Purim Baskets

Our largest Sisterhood fundraiser of the year, the mitzvah of giving mishloach manot derives from the Book of Esther. It is meant to ensure that everyone has enough food for the Purim. Help plan and coordinate the sales and distribution throughout the community.  Contact: Patricia Malka 

Book Club

Our popular Book Club meets bi-monthly to discuss and share opinions of Jewish-based books.  Contact: Rachel Setton, Nancy Pool, Ilana Pool.

Annual Calendar

The Bnai Sephardim annual calendar is distributed throughout the Jewish community in Broward every year. Photographed and designed by our own Joel Suissa, the popular calendar has become a keepsake in most households.  This group coordinates with advertisers to place ads within the calendar. Contact: JoAnn Froimzon

New Member Welcome

There's nothing more rewarding than the unsuspected reception and smile of a new member when we surprise them with a beautiful Welcome Basket.  Join other women in assembling and delivering our beautiful Welcome Baskets to new members of our community.  Contact: Sisterhood

Rosh Chodesh - New Month

Every New Month is an exciting time to get together and celebrate Rosh Chodesh with lecturers, cooking classes, wine-tastings, team-strengthening events and more.  Contact: Sisterhood

Women's Weekly Study Group

Over 20-30 women take turns hosting a weekly Study Group with Rabbi Laredo for an exciting series ranging from kashrut to marriage tips and tricks.  Contact: Sisterhood

Challah Bake

Learn the mitzvah and instruction of baking the perfect challah, then actually put that talent to use.  This new event sold out within 4 days with over 150 women and daughters in attendance. Contact: Rabbanit Sarah Laredo

Movie Night

This new group has been a hit from the onset.  Invite different producers and directors to introduce and preview their Jewish-based films. In-house popcorn, snacks and drink concessions make it a fun evening. Contact: Sisterhood

Kiddush Luncheons

Join the Kiddush Luncheon committee and help budget, plan and coordinate our weekly Saturday lunches and Seudah Shelishit programs.  Contact: Sisterhood

Sisterhood Executive Board

President - JoAnn Froimzon

Vice President - Nancy Pool

Treasurer - Eva Ohring

Recording Secretary - Michelle Amselem

Corresponding Secretary - Michelle Peretz

Sun, August 19 2018 8 Elul 5778