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Sisterhood general meeting minutes

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Love Making New Friends?
The Sisterhood Executive Board is looking for a friendly face to chair the New Member Welcome Committee. 
Help us share the warmth of the B’nai Sephardim community as we expand our ever-growing family.
Contact: Samantha 
Offir  954-790-0212 or the B’nai Sephardim office 954-983-9981 for more information.


3670 Stirling Road

Fort Lauderdale, FL  33312

Revised March, 2016




The Mission of B’nai Sephardim – Shaare Shalom Sisterhood is to unite and support Jewish women in their efforts to understand and perpetuate Sephardic Orthodox Jewish heritage in the home, synagogue, and community, to reinforce their bonds with Israel and Jews worldwide as well as Tikkun Olam (repairing the world).




The B’nai Sephardim – Shaare Shalom Sisterhood of Hollywood in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a non-profit organization, will be referred to as the SISTERHOOD hereafter.




The purpose of the Sisterhood shall be to:


         a.  Sponsor and promote a general program of education and cultural activities

              for the women of B’nai Sephardim – Shaare Shalom.

         b.  Support in every way possible the welfare of the Congregation and its youth


         c.  Promote ethical and religious practices in everyday living.

         d.  Further Jewish education and observance in the home.

         e.  Participate in activities to strengthen relationships with our community and

              with Israel.

         f.  Engage in acts of  Gmilut Hasadim (acts of kindness) and Tikkun Olam

             (repairing the world).




Any Jewish woman who is a member of B’nai Sephardim – Shaare Shalom is eligible to be a member of the SISTERHOOD.




To be amended………




Section 1.  Officers The officers shall consist of:  a President, a Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, and such additional officers as may be needed to effectively carry out the work of the Sisterhood.


         a.  Terms – Officers shall be elected for a term of two years and shall hold office until

         the successors are elected and installed.

               1.  Outgoing officers shall be invited to serve on the Board of Directors for 2 years

                     following the expiration of term of active service.


         b.  Eligibility for Office

               1.  To be eligible to serve as an Officer, a person must be an active member of the

                     Sisterhood for at least one year.


         c.  Vacancies of Office

                 1.  Vacancy in the office of the President shall be filled for the unexpired term

                       by the Vice President.

                  2.  Vacancies in any other office shall be filled by appointment for the

                        unexpired term by the President on recommendation of the Standing

                        Nominating Committee.


Section 2. Executive Board


         a.  The Committee shall consist of the President, who is its Chairman, the active Past

         Past Presidents, Vice-President, two Secretaries, and the Treasurer.


         b.  The President may invite to such Executive Committee Meetings, at her option,

         any member whose presence may be necessary or helpful in forwarding the specific

         business for which a meeting is called.


         c.  If a member of the Executive Board is absent from three (3) consecutive

         Board Meetings, without sufficient excuse having been sent to the President or

         Corresponding Secretary, her office shall be declared vacant, provided she is

         contacted by the Corresponding Secretary after the second absence takes place.




Section 1. President – The President shall:


         a.  Preside at all meetings, conduct the business prescribed by the Bylaws,

         preserve order, and see that the Officers fulfill their duties properly;

         b.  Designate the Vice-President to serve and preside in her absence;

         c.  Sign and countersign all official documents, checks and vouchers;

         d.  Supervise voting at meetings;

         e.  Act as an Ex-Officio member of all Committees, except Nominating


         f.  Represent the Sisterhood on the Board of the Synagogue.


Section 2. Vice-President – Vice President shall:


         a.  Assist the President in the management of the Sisterhood and preside in her

         absence, if designated by her;

         b.  Preside over all working committees;

         c.  Deliver to successor all property of the Sisterhood before installation..


Section 3. Recording Secretary – The Recording Secretary shall:


         a.  Keep true and correct minutes of proceedings of all General Membership,

         Executive Committee, and Special Meetings;

         b.  Submit a copy of Minutes to the President for revision after previous

         meeting at least one week in advance of the next meeting, and then to active

         Sisterhood members at least one week in advance;

         c.  Collect all documents and reports for filing;

         d.  Deliver to successor all property of the Sisterhood before installation.


Section 4. Corresponding Secretary – The Corresponding Secretary shall:


         a.  Send the correspondence required of secretaries, including notices and letters.

         All outgoing mail is to be submitted to the President for approval prior to mailing;

         b.  Create and maintain data bases as requested by the President;

         c.  Deliver to successor all property of the Sisterhood before installation.


Section 5. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall:


         a.  Receive and record all monies deposited and their sources;

         b.  Pay all vouchers approved by the President;

         c.  Keep a strict account of all receipts and disbursements and provide report to

         the Executive Board;

         d.  Submit Fiscal Year Ending Financial Report after December 31st to the

         Executive Board for review;

         e.  Deliver to successor all property of the Sisterhood before installation.


Section 6. Duties of the Executive Board – The Executive Board shall:


         a.  Attend meetings regularly and act judiciously;

         b.  Notify the President or Corresponding Secretary if unable to attend meetings;

         c.  Implement the Bylaws and adopt any approved amendment;

         d.  Approve the Budget;

         e.  Serve on Committees in the capacity of Chairman, Secretary or Committee

         member as appointed;

         f.  Support Sisterhood programs and projects;

         g.  Attend Synagogue services;

         h.  Represent the standards of the Sisterhood in the community;

         i.  Deliver to successor all Sisterhood property before installation.


Section 7. Financial Records


After review by the Executive Board, financial information shall be available upon request.





Section 1.  General Meetings


         a.  There shall be a minimum of five (5) general meetings of the Sisterhood

         during the fiscal year;

         b.  At general meetings, only the business mentioned in the agenda may be


         c.  Home prepared food shall not be brought into our synagogue.


Section 2. The Executive Board at the call of the President, shall convene at least two (2)

times during the fiscal year.


         a.  A special meeting for the newly elected Officers and Executive Board Members

         shall be held within thirty (30) days after installation.


Section 3. Special Meetings


         a.  Special meetings may be called by the President, if she deems it necessary;

         b.  A written request by three (3) members may be made to the President for a

         special Board meeting, stating the nature of the call for the special meeting;

         c.  At special meetings, only the business mentioned in the agenda may be



Section 4. Quorum


         a. Seven (7) of the members of the Sisterhood shall constitute a quorum at

         General Meetings;

         b.  Five (5) members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.  In the

         event of an abstention, the immediate Past President will be called upon to make

         the final vote.



Bikkur Holim/Shiva                                    Fundraisers:

                                                                         a.  Rosh Hashanah

New Members                                                 b.  Chanukah

                                                                         c.  Purim

New Babies


Chesed Committee                                      Social Activities




Section 1. Nominating Committee


         a.  The Chairperson will be the Vice-President;

         b.  The Nominating Committee shall be the Vice-President and two (2) Sisterhood


         c.  Nominations shall be every other year.

         d.  Nominations shall be in November followed by Elections in December.


Section 2. Notice of Elections


         a.  The report of the Nominating Committee shall be sent to the Sisterhood

         members at least seven (7) days prior to elections;

         b.  If there is more than one candidate, names are listed alphabetically;

         c.  The Vice-President conducts the meeting.


Section 3. Voting

Voting is done by ballot at Election Meetings.  In the event a member cannot be present during elections, a proxy vote will be accepted




Section 1. Presentation

Petition for amendment or revision shall be submitted to the Executive Board in writing by

no fewer than five (5) members in good standing.


Section 2.  Distribution

Amendments recommended and evaluated by the Executive Board shall be voted upon at a general membership meeting.


Section 3. Adoption

Seven (7) members present and voting shall be necessary for adoption of an amendment.





The proceedings of all meetings shall be governed by these Bylaws of the Sisterhood of B’nai Sephardim – Shaare Shalom and in all points not covered thereby, by the current Robert’s Rules

of Order.

Thu, May 28 2020 5 Sivan 5780