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Shabbat Services                                                                                              

Services are held each Shabbat and on all Holidays and are followed by a Sephardic-style lunch
Friday night community dinners and services are held monthly.  Check the calendar for details. 
Our distinctive and beautiful religious services have been maintained for over 500 years, passed down through each generation. 


Unique Sephardic Traditions
Sephardim recite a Memorial Prayer that is specific to an individual, called Hashcabah. It is traditional to have this prayer recited on the Shabbat closest to the personĀ¹s anniversary of passing.
On Holidays, we do not recite the Ashkenazi Yizkor prayer, but instead offer Hashcabah prayers as on Shabbat. During High Holiday services, it is traditional to recite these prayers for all loved ones who have passed, regardless of the anniversary of passing. 
Sephardim pray as a group.

Other than the Amidah, we do not have times in our service when each person is praying individually. We keep a pace that allows everyone to participate. For those who are still learning Hebrew, saying Amen and reading with us in English is encouraged. There are many Sephardic differences in religious items and religious rulings, including Tefillin, Talitot, Mezuzot, Ketubot (Marriage Certificates), and other items. Rulings differ in the area of Kashrut (dietary laws) and several others. 


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