Executive Board 

Dr. Shalom Amselem

President - Dr. Shalom Amselem

1st Vice President - Eyal Levy

2nd Vice President - Elie Afriat

Secretary - Joel Anidjar

Vice-Secretary - Joel Suissa

Treasurer - Gilad Ovaknin

Vice-Treasurer - Israel Savir


Rabbi Yaacov Laredo

In 2011, he received his Brit Milah training and certification in Jerusalem, Israel by world-renowned specialist and teacher of traditional and ritual circumcision, Rabbi Yossef Oren. Rabbi Laredo studied Talmudic Law for many years in Jerusalem, and in 2012 received Rabbinic Ordination from Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits, Dean of the Jerusalem Kollel. He also is certified in Shechita and trained in Hashgacha. 

Rabbi Laredo is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Hebrew. He enjoys building youth outreach programs and engaging in lively and dynamic adult education and study groups.

We welcome Rabbi Laredo, his wife Sarah and two children to our community.

Yehuda Benhamu, Rabbi Emeritus

Rabbi Yehuda L. Benhamu was born in Melilla, Spain. In 1961, he graduated from high school and began his advanced rabbinical studies in England at the Sunderland Yeshiva. In 1966, he relocated to London to study in the High Rabbinical College Kollel.

In 1976, Rabbi Benhamu received his rabbinical ordination from the London Kollel. Additionally, he was certified as a shochet and mohel.  

Rabbi Benhamu and his family moved to Colon, Panama to fill the position of Rabbi of the Sephardic Synagogue.  In 1978, the family relocated to Bogota, Colombia, where Rabbi Benhamu led the large and active Sephardic community as rabbi, shohet and mohel.  

In 1986, Rabbi Benhamu moved to North Miami Beach as Rabbi of B'nai Sephardim Shaare Shalom.  Due to the expansion of his congregation, the synagogue was relocated to Hollywood, Florida.

Recently, Rabbi Benhamu was bestowed the title of Judge "Dayan" from the Chief Rabbinate "Rabbanut Harashit" in Jerusalem, Israel.  

Rabbi and Mrs. Benhamu have been blessed with four daughters and two sons and grandchildren. 

Hazzan Joseph Harrar

Committees 2016-2017

B'nai Sephardim's Committees offer a variety of options to membership.  We urge you to join and take part in growing our thriving community.  Contact us via email.
Building & Grounds Committee - Moises Salama
Responsible for maintenance, upkeep and development of facilities and properties.
Construction Committee - Gilad Ovaknin
Responsible for all construction matters regarding the synagogue's expansion project of its current facilities.
Disciplinary and Arbitration Committee - Joel Suissa
Responsible for membership conflict resolution and disciplinary sanctions.
Events and Kiddush Committee - Ronen Ben Harush
Responsible for planning and coordination of synagogue events and Kiddushim.
Finance Committee - Israel Savir
Handles all accounting, budget, collection, and financial issues.
Fundraising Committee - Eyal Levy
Responsible for planning and leading fund raising campaigns for the synagogue.
Gemilut Hasadim - Rabbi Yaacov Laredo
Responsible for assessing and recommending assistance requested by members and other community organizations. Some examples of gemilut hasadim include clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, burying the dead, and visiting the sick.
Media and Technology Committee - Nathaniel Pool
Responsible for media relations, ads, social media, website maintenance, newsletter and all issues relevant to internet, phone, data, computers, software, elevator, fire, and alarm systems.
Membership Committee - Elie Afriat
Responsible for programs aimed at the recruitment and retention of membership.
Religious Committee - Joel Anidjar
Responsible for all religious matters and education, as well as Talmud Torah. 
Security Committee 
Responsibilities include oversight, testing, training, and providing physical security to the building and personnel.
Women's Education Committee - Rabbanit Sarah Laredo and Sara Gonen
Responsible for providing an array of program, speakers and learning tool for the women of the community.
Young Professional's Group - Corey Afriat and Elior Levy
Responsible for coordinating and planning lectures and events for the community's young professionals.
Youth Committee - Hila Mizrahi
Helps organize and maintain our youth program.
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