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Parashat Balak; Numbers; Chapter 22 Verse 2 – Chapter 25 Verse 9

06/27/2018 12:06:49 PM


General Overview: This week's Torah reading, Parashat Balak tells of how Balak hires Bilam to curse the Jewish people. Instead of curses, only blessings come out of his mouth—including prophecies concerning the Messianic redemption. Moabite women entice some of the Jewish people to sin, resulting in a plague. Bilam of Moab hires the sorcerer Balak.

1st Section: Parashat Balak begins with King Balak’s offer to Bilam the Prophet to curse the Jewish people. G-d appears to Bilam in a dream instructing him to refuse the offer.

2nd Section: Balak sent a second negotiating team and Bilam was given permission to go. However, G-d stipulated that Bilam could only speak the word of G-d.

3rd Section: Along the way the incident with the talking donkey occurred, emphasizing G-d’s instructions to that Bilam only deliver the word of G-d.

4th Section: Bilam attempted his first curse and was unable to do so. Instead, the words he spoke were a blessing for the Jewish people.

5th Section: Bilam made his second attempt at cursing the Jews and was again unable to do so. Instead, he issued his second blessing.

: 6th & 7th SectionsBilamParasha concludes with the incident of Ba’al-Peor and Pinechas’s heroism.he nation. The pon t told the assembled coalition of kings of their eventual destruction by the Jews. As a parting shot against the Jews, he advised them to seduce the Jewish men with Midianite women and bring G-d’s wrath down uBilam attempted his final curse but again blessed the Jews. As he left in disgrace,

Haftara: Micha; Chapter 5 Verse 6 – Chapter 8 Verse 8).

Haftara Summary: This week's haftarah makes mention of the incident of Balak the king of Moab hiring the sorcerer Bilam to curse the Jewish people - the main topic of this week's Torah reading.

The prophet Micha prophesies about what will occur after the war of Gog and Magog, the war which precedes the coming of the Messiah and the Final Redemption.

"And the remnant of Jacob shall be in the midst of many peoples -- like dew sent by G‑d, like torrents of rain upon vegetation that does not hope for any man and does not wait for the sons of men." The prophet describes how G‑d will remove the idols and sorcerers and how He will destroy the Jews' enemies.

then goes on to rebuke the Jewish people for not observing G‑d's commandments, calling as witness the "mountains and hills" - a reference to the Patriarchs and Matriarchs - and reminding them of the great things G‑d had done for them. He took them out of Egypt and replaced the curses that Bilam son of Beor wanted to utter against them with blessings.MichaThe prophet

The Jewish people respond by saying that they do not know how to serve G‑d and ask for guidance. The prophet reminds them of the Torah, and that all they need to do is contained within it: "He has told you, O man, what is good, and what G‑d demands of you: but to do justice, love kindness, and walk discreetly with your G‑d."

Tue, July 17 2018 5 Av 5778